An analysis of the play an inspector calls

The incident, which happened in August of last year, is being investigated by the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services. He reminds the Birlings that actions have consequences, and that all people are intertwined in one society, saying, "If men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish", alluding to the impending World War.

Although he is authoritative and has risen to a position of economic and social prominence, he inadvertently reveals his social rank to be lower than that of his wife's when he compliments the cook right at the start of the play, and by his continual need to assert his social importance.

The Sheila who had a girl dismissed from her job for a trivial reason has given way to one who acknowledges the wrongdoing of herself and her family.

Second, An Inspector Calls marks the beginning of a turn from the literary period of realism to what would later be called the postmodern, the absurdist, or the surreal. Post-war dramas take up some of the economic, political, and social issues prompting that conflict, including socialism versus free-market capitalism, democracy versus fascism, and communal versus individual rights and privileges.

A modern televised play can stir the imaginations and consciences of millions of people and change minds in a way little else can. Sybil also criticises Eva for appearing proud and putting on airs and graces, and for being "impertinent" rather than being meek and grateful to her social superiors.

Placing a second call to the local infirmaryGerald determines that no recent cases of suicide have been reported. Plays are a unique and very special form of literature because they are based on a combination of language and action and are the vision of two important people: Society may have evolved technologically, but not always in other ways.

Following several successful revivals including Stephen Daldry 's production for the National Theatrethe play was "rediscovered" and hailed as a damning social criticism of capitalism and middle-class hypocrisy in the manner of the social realist dramas of Shaw and Ibsen.

For this reason, he must avoid a scandal at all costs, in order to maintain a good public image. She is described as a "pretty girl in her early twenties", delighted about her engagement to Gerald Croft.

Discussthe role of the Inspector in the play 'An Inspector Calls'

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He gave her money and arranged to see her again.

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Despite Sybil's haughty responses, she eventually admits that Eva, pregnant and destitute, had asked the committee for financial aid. The production was directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

She also knows of Eric Birling's heavy drinking. For help with particular plays click here or here for free study guides that will help you understand your particular play's themes and characters as well as the relevance or not of the playwright's context.

Are they created as a stereotype - a kind of stock character? Inthe play was adapted into a Bengali Indian movie by the name of Thana Theke Aschi from a Bengali adaptation of the original play of the same name. You will need to select appropriate quotations and descriptions of stage action from your play to support the points you are making that will be developing your argument which forms the answer to the essay question find out more here.

Edna[ edit ] Edna is the maid at the Birling household. She is around 50 years old, as mentioned in the pre-play stage directions, highlighting she belongs to the older generation. This is very important.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. An Introduction of all the key themes and context of An Inspector Calls, I used this lesson with my low ability Year 10 group in preparation of the English literature AQA Exam.

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The young woman starts to suspect if Gerald was with Eva Smith the summer that he was absent. Mindmap explaining why and how different themes are presented in An Inspector Calls: Social Respnsibility - Learning About Life - Judgement - Men and Women - Young and Old - Social Class -.

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An analysis of the play an inspector calls
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